About TRP

Our Take on the Power of Film

Film is an important tool when presenting information and messages to large groups of people. It is particularly powerful in rural areas of developing countries where access to visual media is limited and there is a population in need of vital yet inaccessible information.  Whether it is news about a refugee repatriation process, or messages from family and friends separated by war, we believe in the power of film to provide the kind of information that could rebuild lives.

The REEL Project - Take action! GIVE.

Who We Are

We connect lives to opportunities & transform people through art, film, and technology.

What We Do

TRP is a multifaceted organization whose first mandate is to produce humanitarian films and media projects for various populations in need.  Initially founded to assist displaced populations from the DRC through film, we continue our work to assist refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), survivors, and returnee communities in areas of Africa and the developing world.  We produce educational and informative films that provide culturally relevant and vital information to populations affected by violent conflict.  Our films also serve to engage wider audiences as we work to promote global awareness.

In addition to our use of media for humanitarian purposes, we work to support the creativity, educational initiatives, and business aspirations of local people in the communities where we film.  We assist post-conflict communities through education and poverty alleviation projects, and through the facilitation of international partnerships, connections, and opportunities that promote local development and long term recovery.

We produce our own films for use in the field and in partnership with other local and international organizations on the ground.

How We Work

Our main objective is to document the REEL situation on the ground.  This then serves as a catalyst for identifying goals, objectives, priorities and needs.  Should there be school fees in need of paying, or a computer center in need of a computer or a paint job; TRP serves, or, services such needs.  TRP is about finding out what is needed then and there.  We raise money post-visit and then deliver.  Our representatives are on the ground to ensure that REEL needs are being met and delivered.


TRP virtually has no overhead.  We raise awareness, raise our voices, and efficiently utilize our funds to implement sustainable projects.

Most of TRP’s needs are in the post-productiongraphics and fundraising areas.  The geographical locations to meet immediate needs are also difficult to get to and the lightest of travels are still never light enough.  Also, there is always a child in need of school fees (for instance: on average, $271 USD can support a family of 5 kids for one year of grade school fees, books and uniforms).  Currently, TRP serves the refugee, returnee and Internally Displaced (IDP) populations of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  When you click the DONATE NOW link, you may make a note of which project you would like to support by filling in your request in the PURPOSE section of our donation form.

All in-kind donations are appreciated.