Mpala, Democratic Republic of Congo 2023

Mpala, Democratic Republic of Congo 2023

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Support the Polly Project: Tax-Deductible Donations for Classroom Rehabilitation in Mpala-Lubanda

The trip back home was arduous, to say the least, but that, of course, it comes with the territory of traveling to another continent via other continents, etc… I suppose the difference these days is I am not in my mid-late 20s anymore!!!! lol.
One thing that really got me on this trip, in particular, was the triggering of my memory of the beauty in the world. Beauty in the land, culture, and PEOPLE! I have always loved to travel, and most of that love came from all the places and people whose paths have crossed. Meeting someone and finding commonality, language barriers not really being barred- smiles that speak volumes and the utmost natural unbound beauty of the earth we occupy. From a bird’s eye view, walking on the ground with or without shoes, rain hitting your face, the smell of earth and green pastures, various flowers, spices, and the like- so much to take in, but, I feel that all of this is taken for granted UNTIL I stop and smell. 😉 Heading back end of July to complete the project. We need your help!

Support the Polly Project: Tax-Deductible

Donations for Classroom Rehabilitation in


Make a difference through tax deductions! Donate to The Reel Project and help refurbish classrooms in Mpala-Lubanda, creating safer and more conducive learning environments. Your support is invaluable. Education is a fundamental right that can transform lives and uplift communities. Unfortunately, many underprivileged communities around the world lack access to quality education. The Polly Project in Mpala-Lubanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), aims to address this issue by providing new roofing for six Congolese classrooms. In this article, we will explore how tax-deductible donations can support Polly’s Project and improve education in Mpala-Lubanda.

History of Mpala-Lubanda and the Missionaries of Our Lady of Africa:

Mpala-Lubanda has a rich history dating back to the colonial period when the Belgian government established a mission in the region. The Missionaries of Our Lady of Africa played a crucial role in providing education for Congolese girls, including those from Mpala-Lubanda. The mission’s dedication to education has had a lasting impact on the community.

The Polly Project: Honoring the Legacy of Polly Nooter Roberts: z

Polly Nooter Roberts, a renowned scholar in African humanities, and AL Roberts, her husband, dedicated their lives to promoting education and humanitarian efforts in Africa. The Polly Project aims to honor polly’s legacy by continuing her work in education and providing opportunities for students in Mpala-Lubanda.

The Reel Project: Empowering Communities in the DRC:

The Reel Project, a non-profit organization founded by Krista Barnes, works to provide education and assistance to refugee and post-conflict communities in the DRC and other countries. The collaboration between The Reel Project and AL Roberts to initiate Polly’s Project aligns with both of their personal connections to Mpala-Lubanda.

The Need for Classroom Rehabilitation in Mpala-Lubanda:

The current state of the classrooms at the Mpala Mission is in dire need of rehabilitation, starting with new roofing. The dilapidated conditions of the classrooms pose a safety risk to students. Your donations will help ensure that the classrooms are safe and conducive to learning.

How Your Tax-Deductible Donations Make an Impact:

Your tax-deductible donations will directly contribute to the rehabilitation of the six classrooms in Mpala-Lubanda. The initial gift of ten thousand US dollars has enabled the roofing project to begin, but additional funds are needed to further refurbish the classrooms, ensuring they are safe and conducive to learning. Your donations will also help assess the needs of the medical clinic in Mpala-Lubandaand explore possibilities for improvement, ensuring that the community has access to adequate healthcare facilities.

Join Us in Supporting the Polly Project: Donate Today!

By making a tax-deductible donation through The Reel Project, you can play a vital role in improving education and transforming the lives of students in Mpala-Lubanda. Your contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in creating safer learning environments and providing educational resources to those in need. To make your tax-deductible donation and support Polly’s Project, please visit The Reel Project’s website ( Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by the community of Mpala-Lubanda, and you will receive a tax deduction for your contribution.

The Polly Project in Mpala-Lubanda is a noble initiative that seeks to improve education and empower communities in the DRC. The project’s success relies on the support of individuals and organizations willing to make tax-deductible donations. By supporting Polly’s Project, you have the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of education in the DRC and make a meaningful impact on the lives of students in Mpala-Lubanda. Remember, every little gift counts and your support is invaluable. Join us in supporting the Polly Project today!


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