A REEL Latrine Project

A REEL Latrine Project

Since 2012, the influx of the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) population has more than tripled. Despite efforts of local and international humanitarian organizations, many basic necessities have yet to be met.

The REEL Project will fulfill one of these gaps of sanitation.

In May and June of 2015, TRP visited various IDP camps in the Kalemie and surrounding areas. After multiple interviews with the displaced persons, and local & international organizations, TRP’s mandate is to FACILITATE THE CONSTRUCTION OF 40 LATRINES in the Muhaya, Mwaluka and Malemba camps.

The stats for funding a single latrine are as follows:

  • The cost is $350 each.
  • Each one will benefit approximately 20 people.
  • It will have an expected duration of 20 years.
  • It will be placed in 1 of 200 necessitous shelters.

Over 200 families will benefit from these services. That is 1,500 people who can be helped. TRP is working in conjunction with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; providing latrines for the UNHCR constructed shelters in vulnerable/IDP camps. This partnership will fulfill one of many clusters under the United Nations.

TRP will return to the DRC for Project Latrine in February 2016.

You can help us make a difference in the lives of the Congolese by making an online donation below.


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