A REEL Media Project 2015

A REEL Media Project 2015

Due to the most recent influx of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), it has been brought to our attention that there is still great need for an information campaign to put a voice to what has been happening.

The REEL Project’s (TRP) newest project, “A REEL Media Project,” will be a research-derived media project, interviewing displaced and returnee populations in Kalemie and surrounding DRC areas.  This project will provide true accounts of the plight of the returnees and IDP’s situations on the ground.  It will also highlight the work and positive impact of the organizations that have provided assistance, which includes the IP/OP organizations under the United Nations, State Department, and local and International NGO’s.  TRP will work in unison with all IP and OP organizations on the ground, locally and internationally.

Though it may be that the final film will be much longer in length (due to the information we collect, interviews, etc.), TRP proposes to create a 40-minute documentary.  In addition to this, we will also be making a 5-minute short film exclusively for online use.

How will “A REEL Media Project” be distributed?   TRP aims to provide a copy of the final video to all IP and OP organizations under the United Nations working in the area (as deemed necessary), as well as independent NGO’s working to share the same mission.  It will, then, be submitted to a wider audience in the west (US territories/California).  As we work to expand the reach of our film in conjunction with local and international NGO’s here in California/USA, we plan to coordinate online distribution with outlets such as The Africa Channel and FORBES “Out of Africa”, as well as online streaming on our official website,

 A Timeline of Major Dates

  • In May 2015, TRP will travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit Kalemie and surrounding areas. We will film for the duration of 3 weeks – allowing 2 weeks of travel time (on ground-in country).
  • Mid August 2015, and again in November of 2015, TRP will conduct quarterly reviews of the project with local staff, final review in February of 2016. The quarterly reviews will examine the feedback of the film and potential for new media developments with local staff.

TRP is continuing its mission to move returning Congolese refugees and IDP’s beyond post-conflict development efforts in the recovering areas of the DRC.  With TRP’s newest project, “A REEL Media Project,” we hope our efforts will strengthen the conflict-affected populations of Kalemie and surrounding areas in rebuilding their livelihoods and communities after devastating losses.

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