And so it begins…DR Congo May, 2015

And so it begins…DR Congo May, 2015

One week and one day away before we depart for DRC, and already we are facing the problems…On May 11th I received word that we would most likely have to re-route our trip LAX-Dubai-Bujumbura due to social and political unrest on the ground there…Today, I got confirmation; we will now be flying into Kigali! Once we reach Rwanda we will overnight there, hopefully meet with UNHCR, travel following day to Uvira (DR Congo), spend approximately 5 days there assessing the Burundi refugee situation (also meeting with UNHCR and partner organizations) then overnight on a boat down Lake Tanganyika to Kalemie (expecting to reach there the following week Thursday). So literally, a week and a half to get where we are going :-/ Wish TRP the best of luck and stay tuned…8 days to go and counting!IMG_3104


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